Bruhenny investments

Bruhenny is the medieval name for the village now known as Churchtown in north county Cork where Gerry Murphy was born and raised and is widely used by him in business nomenclature. Under the umbrella of ‘Bruhenny Investments’ the Murphy family hold minority stakes in several businesses. Gerry Murphy’s principal directorships are:

Pure Irish Ice Ltd |

Bruhenny Investments Ltd | 

Applewood Farm Produce Ltd |

Marble & Granite Supplies Ltd |

Tirawley Ltd |

* Bruhenny Grange Hotel Ltd | 

* Sloane Square Medical Ltd | / Consultant only

First IVF Ltd |  / Director only

Idrone Capital Ltd / Director only

Churchtown Heritage Society | / Not-for-profit 

* Registered in England & Wales. All other entities registered in Ireland. 

Bruhenny Press was established by Gerry Murphy to produce books relating to Churchtown in North County Cork. It was previously called Noah’s Ark Press. This is a not-for-profit social enterprise.